Meet Shenique

Turks and Caicos Makeup Artist

Shenique is the owner of Sheque Perfection, the number one destination wedding beauty provider in Turks & Caicos. With a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Tuskegee University and a Master’s degree in International Business from Roosevelt University she left behind the private sector and developed her creative talents in hair, makeup and fashion styling. When asked how she got into fashion she says, both consciously and subconsciously.

“I grew up in retail fashion. Both my mother and aunt were fashion store owners. Sales clerk was the first job I ever had.”

As fashion and beauty go hand in hand Shenique has had the opportunity to work on sets including Real Housewives of New York as beauty and/ fashion stylist. She has worked with dot com beauty editors from Cosmopolitan, Elle, Teen Vogue, Yahoo Beauty, Total Beauty, Hollywood Life, Refinery29, Rouge18 and and top fashion magazines including Harper’s Bazaar.

Shenique recalls constructing a dress out of crisp cash directly onto the body of a naked woman without any adhesive to keep the cash in place. Pretty Impressive!

“A New York client once said to me that in New York you’re either in finance or fashion. I guess you can say I left finance for fashion. In hind sight it was destined.

Shenique Higgs - wedding beauty provider in Turks & Caicos - Sheque Style

… and I completely identify with what she said.”