Sheque Style had a two day styling photo shoot along with photographer David of Brilliant Studios and our client Ashley. Ashley is a frequent visitor to Turks & Caicos. She models for a living and is accustomed to being in front of the camera. This time however she wanted to capture her vacation settings about the beach and around the island.

The first day the weather was both windy and rainy. Keeping Ashley’s hair camera ready was a challenge. After a choppy boat ride to Pine Cay the sun came up on arrival and a beautiful undisturbed beach laid waiting.

The greenery and naturally formed hidden nooks were perfect for both images and wardrobe changes. Pops of color in Ashley’s ears worked well to stand out against the neutral background.

For her third beach outfit Ashley got the beach blues 🙂

After we got back to Provo it poured rain. We kept our fingers crossed for a brighter next day. Stay tuned…